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This is a true story told me my friend Julie, who was a regular at parties rocking for years. Her friend Ann, whom I know little, is now divorced from 7yrs. She is 51 and built in large 22 or 24 with 42EE breasts. Want not a relationship, but crave sex also has been in free ads in the local newspaper to find someone who wants to meet occasionally for good sex, without any conditions as they now enjoy their freedom and not to participate in the swinging scene, like Julie, but have a discrete contact with men. You ahtube have interesting contact with a man, but when she arrived, she always made ​​a withdrawal, they do not have the courage to follow through with it. You could not stop responding to the ads, but to yourself every time you reach a certain point, always down, they feel frustrated and angry and went away. ahtube You could even understand that sex craved took a step forward and two steps back and began to think she was nowhere in their quest to for a good time when they have a screen, which was read as normal. The announcement in the newspaper was founded by two self-confident men, the strength of a woman who wanted an exciting time sought, but was a bit slow or inhibited to do something for her. It was a voice message on them to become one of them to explain everything about yourself and the kind of woman who likes to meet with them and they knew fitted the description listened attentively. Now, after careful consideration, she left a message tells you everything about their age, size and imperfections, so they can return and finally left the phone number. was the next day before one of them called and talked for a long time, and she does not feel threatened or nervous, as they both spoke and ahtube laughed a lot when I was convinced that only a few ordinary ahtube men, do not ahtube place heavy objects, or perverted, finally, the order in a wine bar for lunch during the week where you could take all the chat and see where it leads agreedIf somewhere. Jim was a tall man, 6 feet tall and very wide shoulders and Andy 3ins less than 5 ft 10ins and of medium size. Both were dressed casual, but elegant at the same time, relaxed and good company, of course just looking for fun times with women and to say frankly that they are happy to be accused if the fun and all decisions in the game, women have met so far they have enjoyed, for example, there is an increase in sexual tension. The food was good and chose a good wine to have with him while he talked and told him about himself. is either alone, but mature in their late forties or early fifties. They said they had people like this for years and had the use of a house in a nice area, but as the owner of North America was sparsely furnished. You said Ann preferably both to a larger mature woman and invited her to go with them when they had the time and she said it was free for the day and time was no problem to take a moment or two, they left the tavern together. was a little nervous, but happy I was actually going to finally have fun, as is so long since I had good sex, and the idea of ​​two men who caught and had always been a ahtube fantasy of his was and was convinced they were honest and open, and certainly not something sadistic or malicious. The apartment ahtube was located about a mile away from the wine ahtube -bar, was a row of empty shops and the area looked very clean and tidy, but when they entered the apartment, was pleasantly to find that the carpet had been established, but apparently no furniture anywhere, but in the master bedroom, which once saw a large king-size canopy bed, had shown that a awning over it. when Jim took his coat, said he bought the bed from an auction a few years ago, and it was him, including the new mattress. was quiet, as he hung his coat, but soon broke when he told her to undress Completeland for him. She was either remove her blouse and skirt, but hesitated when to remove the bra, but Andy soon helped ahtube him to dispatch on the floor and play with her breasts before her back in bed, and they quickly took off her panties so that only in her stockings, garter belts and girdles. in a short period of time, both Jim and Andy Ann had undressed and was dripping on the carpet, knees and suck again, and the size of surprised when Jim Hahn had never seen one that ahtube big in real life and had to suck it long and hard until he came and told him to swallow every last drop, which he did without hesitation. Both gradually confidence with Ann at the time, easy to use spanking when they do so slowly, he said, and scarves are also used to contain and prevent 42EE breasts ahtube while playing with her, but in a quiet, nice and firm, take the time to ensure that there were many wet orgasms and soon, Especially when limited to the four corners of the bed and constantly turn stimulates orgasm. ahtube I've never seen a dick as big as Jim 's in it, but it felt very much like to talk dirty when he said, but after a while he began, anus, which was irritating and she told them the finger so that no one had played there before she did so much laughing when he said that anal sex with both experiences. Ann was not sure, but it was ahtube still firm after he turned his back on the bed and tied her hands behind her with one of Jim silk scarves tightly into your anus and penis before releasing the lubricated legs over his shoulders, and she felt the pressure against her anus. Both, he said, relax, and Jim is playing better than I remember her buttocks, as his cock, she started slowly. She could not help but try to eject the tail that moves forward, but steadily inuntil he could feel his balls against her cheeks wide apart for maximum penetration depth of his cock. Jim his cock was used for a while, as Ann said she was hurt, but again said to her, it was well lubricated and relax, and soon began to move slowly in front of his cock back, withdrawal almost complete rams forward again until it was suddenly easy shit because its decreased distress and increased the speed of his punches. Andy was at his side and let it suck ahtube to have to do anal sex and she only has her mouth as his hands tied, and which in turn stimulates the clitoris with your fingers when Jim anus fucked until it was soon a strong orgasm, when he began to masturbate semen in the mouth with his hand and quickly pulled his cock spreading his cum all over her face and tits. Jim was very happy for your virgin ass, which soon relaxed and a joy to catch, so it was decided at the last as Ing as possible. Finally, could no longer hold and their last fight was full of his sperm deep inside and had a tremendous boost to Ann, have pulled crap, but once his huge cock in the back, which was replaced by Andy who had recovered his erection and he wasted no time in and out as he found ahtube so little restraint, after the big cock of Jim. when Andy was pushing Jim left his cock in the bathroom clean, but soon returned and Andy pulled his cock out of his ass and helped Jim Hahn Ann Monte, as he lay on his back and his hands tied, and then Andy pushed in front of Jim and went into his ass and push harder, they had a first double penetration, and it was a great inspiration to them. been cleaned When the two arrived, he had ahtube in Ann licking their cocks and she was sure I could shit in like ahtube Andy, but she took his wrists and went to the bathroom, where she felt she should go to helland his sperm so it seemed, and could wash the mouth and so, when he returned, he felt fresh and was as good as they both enjoyed double penetration sex with her shortly after. the evening was and the view you see Jim realized that he was the seventh 00 and had spent over 5 hours, but time flew bye approached. continued licking is an hour of fun, and sucks everything before she took her time with abundant blood between her breasts before he escorted her back to his car and arranged to meet again in a week. According to Julie ahtube now meets twice a month regularly, enjoys double anal penetration and frequency, and various toys like dildos, vibrators and vegetables, now also with the confidence to meet other people from time time and is very happy, fun for the page in your ahtube old age, while their freedom and yet, surprisingly, does not want to be involved in everything that involves orthere are women. , but Julie and I have a plan u003cs u003e
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7 mai 2012 1 07 /05 /mai /2012 20:26

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